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Nothing is more frustrating than a remote working solution that is hampered by attacks, but fear not because DigiRDP servers are encrypted and fully secured. So, you can enjoy fully secure data management.

Fast and Reliable

We only use SSD on our RDP servers, which is ten times faster than normal RDP or HDD. Solid-state drives give the best performance and reliability.

24/7 Expert Support

If there is a technical issue you need support with, or anything goes wrong with your RDP at any point, our team of professionals will happily assist you anytime you need us.

30 days money back satisfication guarantee

If you not satisfy with DigiRDP, we will refund your payment. No hassle, no risk. You can cancel plan at any time.

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What Is RDP Or Remote Desktop Protocol?

Well, RDP, or you can say, Remote Desktop Protocol is originally designed and developed by Microsoft. In simple terms, RDP establishes the secure connection between two computers and allows users to access another computer with full multimedia support remotely. The purpose of RDP is to allow the end-user to control or work on any other system remotely. Radically, an RDP only needs an internet connection or a LAN cable to work. Overall, RDP is fully secure and does support SSL encryption.

Why You Need RDP?

Usually, RDP is used in a universal standard in organizations and said to be the best practice to provide connectivity. The main aim of RDP is to reduce the cost by providing remote access to users without compromising on the security aspects.

How long will RDP account details be given after payment?

Generally all the RDP details sent INSTANT to upto 6 hours after payment confirmation. In some cases, if manual verification or custom configuration it may take upto 12 hours to 24 hours Max.

Do you provide RDP with full admin access?

Yes, all our plans come with full admin access Private, at the moment we do not provide shared plans.

Do you provide RDP Control Panel?

Yes. We provide Control Panel To Manage RDP, You Can Restart, Shutdown, Reinstall OS, Reset and many more options.

Can install any software ? is there any restrictions?

You can install any software, we do not have any restriction. You will have full Administrator access to do any task you desire unless it is breaking our policy.


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